Summer means Canvas

It’s the middle of summer. You’re rocking canvas shoes, right? This post from Primer has a simple style hack to get a designer look on shoes for half the price.

Primer's canvas shoe hack

Looking amazing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It can if you want it to, there’s no shame in that. BUT not having a ton of extra cash isn’t an excuse. Set a new standard.  (I may have ordered this combo to test out for an upcoming adventure.)

The shoes.

The laces.

Baby powder sold separately.

Fall Style Essentials

Like it or not autumn is here. And with that in mind, the fine folks at Dappered have put together their top 10 essentials for the season. Boots, wool, and dark jeans are some of the go to staples for this time of year.Word on the street is that burgundy is the color for this season.

P.S. Word on the street is that burgundy is the color for this season.

Iron a Shirt Quickly

Looking for some tips on how to get that crisp look in the morning? Check out these 7 steps to help nail that first impression.

No matter what your personal style is—whether you’re a suit-wearer or the kind of guy who prefers jeans and sneakers—there are certain skills every man should possess.

Ironing is a simple thing that every guy should know how to handle well. We don’t have to like it, but we do need to know how to do it. Or you could go all in and learn to iron like a boss!


Laundry day

shirtsThe Art of Manliness has a great primer on how to do laundry. It covers things like how often to wash different clothing items, stain removal, water temperature, wash cycles, detergent choices, and drying. Follow that up with Dappered’s 10 common laundry mistakes guys make and you’ll be able to keep your fine looking threads crisp, clean, and lasting longer.

Be the best dressed man in the room

Having amazing style isn’t merely about looking good. It’s about stepping up, serving others. Style is about leading by example. Many things happen when you choose to elevate your game. One of those is how others perceive you. It opens doors.

RealMenRealStyle gives us five reasons to be a style leader.

There’s a lack of leaders in the world… what we need more of is servant leaders in our communities and offices. Men who express their strength through service to others.

Dress the part. Then act the part, with compassion. In no time at all, people will be treating you like the benevolent badass you are.

The Well Dressed Traveller’s Packing List

Travel can be so much fun. Especially if you go in with the mindset of adventure and embracing the unknown. Some of us love the excitement of exploring new places and cultures, for others it’s about the new friends made along the way, and for seasoned travellers it’s always fun to revisit our favorite places for a more immersing experience.Passport

While zipping off to new lands is exhilarating, it can be even more fun traveling light and dressing well. With that in mind, take a look at this packing list from Dappered.

Don’t pack with the mindset that you’ll need to assemble an outfit for each day.  Instead, pick one group of complimentary colors, and assemble items around that palate which you can mix and match with each other.

A Big Man’s Guide to Sharp Dressing

Like the song goes, every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.Bad fit vs Good fit

If you’re a bigger guy, that’s no excuse for not stepping up your game. (Details matter, fellas.)
Here are seven style tips for you from the Art of Manliness.

Dressing well is about presenting your body in the best and most flattering way possible — without trying to distort or alter the body itself.

Suit fitting rules

Can’t argue with any of these suit fitting rules from FashionBeans. A quick, great way to brush up before buying your next suit.

it pays to be armed with knowledge – in this case knowing what good fit looks like.

Misconceptions About Men Who Dress Well

Love this run down from Dappered…

10 Misconceptions About Men Who Dress Well

#7 especially hit home for me. I’m asked fairly regularly on the sidewalk if I’m a lawyer. My thought is always Is that really how you want to find your next attorney? Really??

Style – A Simple Man’s Rule Book

I tend to think of myself as a fairly simple person. Flashy doesn’t impress me much. True art, design and magnificence shows through in forms of simplicity.

This little series of entries is going to be shared over the next week all started when I noticed the silly things men wore in the office thinking they looked good. I never gave my sense of style much thought until I realized I had a personal set of simple rules that the women around me told me worked very well, at least at the office. These initial few rules turned into a small series of rules, thoughts and philosophies. Most of them I follow, but like all rules sometimes they need to be broken too.

Common sense ideas that don’t seem very common


  • StyleFashions may change. Having style does not.
  • Button down collars should only be worn without a tie.
  • Use brass collar stays.
  • V-neck undershirts are for open collars.
  • Crew necks are for shirts with ties.
  • The tip of your tie should meet your waist or belt buckle.
  • That little dimple in your tie makes a big difference.
  • A four in one hand knot is all you need.
  • Match your socks to your pants.
  • Three hundred dollar shoes are worth every dollar as long as you take care of them.
  • Use cedar shoetrees.
  • Light heather grey undershirts look better than white under a white dress shirt.
  • Moisturize your face. You will thank yourself when you are 60.
  • If your boss wears a suit, you should too.
  • Short sleeve dress shirts and ties do not go together. Actually there is not a good reason to wear short sleeve dress shirts… ever.
  • Undershirts are a must. No one wants to see your man boobs or hairy chest poking through that shirt. Also, they help your dress shirts last longer as well as keep you warmer in cool weather and cool when it is warmer.

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