Dear John

Dear John,

No this isn’t that sort of Dear John letter… I started Benevolent Badass with the intention of creating a fun site focused on men’s style. Clearly there hasn’t been much happening here since the initial launch last year.

I’ve been keeping myself busy! In the past year or so I’ve traveled to Pensacola, Frankfurt, Stadtsteinach, Atlanta (three times) and Las Vegas (twice). I’ve had the good fortune to see Prince in concert the last night he publicly played. I’ve been to a few mesmerizing Cirque du Soleil shows, spent time with dear, lifelong friends and some new ones too. I say all this not to try to impress but because it has brought me to a realization.

Part of my definition of being a Benevolent Badass is living a rich life sharing experiences with friends AND doing it with style. This thought process has helped me understand my focus should be more than just men’s style. I want to share some of the incredible tricks I’ve learned which helped my friends and I have some great experiences.

Dressing well, laughing with friends, free room stays, comped bar tabs, whiskey tastings at no charge, nearly-free flights… all of this is doable for most anyone. Let me know if there is something specific in these areas you’d like to learn more about. Leave a comment below. I read them all. Also if you know someone who may be interested in these things, let them know about the site. Have them sign up for the email list.

Until next time…

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